There is a lot of misunderstanding about temptation. We might even feel condemnation because we are tempted. But we can look at Jesus' example of enduring temptation without sinning, and how He now aids us - Temptation.

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Moving From Anxiety To Peace

We see a pattern in Scripture, where we move from one place to another. It happens when we cooperate with God in the process of life. This isn’t about getting the problems of life fixed, but about responding in faith to His beckoning and arriving at a place where we have ears to hear Him - Moving From Anxiety To Peace.

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God’s Timing

As we're doing our best to navigate through life's decisions, we can avoid the cliché battles and proactively follow God's clear instructions - God's Timing.

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The Power Of Repentance

There is a corrective element that happens in our lives as Christians. It is a Godly sorrow that leads to repentance and produces a clearing, a joy and a fellowship with God - The Power Of Repentance.

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Defining Moments

There are those times in life when we know the will and plan of God, but our soul is screaming to do the opposite. Yet even in that moment we can take that step of faith - Defining Moments.

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Getting Control Of Your Emotions

After you are born again and you have the Holy Spirit living inside, you discover that there are still some problems with your mind, your soul. The Word of God has the ability to save, preserve, stabilize and protect your soul - Getting Control Of Your Emotions.

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