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Walking With God Through Temptation

You don't have to face temptation alone. The scripture states (Hebrews 2:18), "For because He Himself has suffered in being tempted, He is able to run to the cry of (assist, relieve) those who are being tempted." Jesus is always there to help make a way out. - Walking With God Through Temptation.

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Getting “Under The Influence”

An interesting thing happened on the Day of Pentecost after Jesus rose from the dead. The Holy Spirit came upon the disciples and they began speaking in different tongues. Some thought they were under the influence of alcohol when in fact they were under the influence of the Holy Spirit! - Getting "Under The Influence".

2022-05-15T11:16:42-05:00May 15, 2022|Messages Audio|

3 Phenomenal Reasons To Put Your Hope In God

Have you ever felt so discouraged that you didn't know what to do next? The Psalmist (Psalm 42:5-6) was experiencing this kind of anxiety and actually asked himself a profound question, "Why so downcast oh my soul?" and then later talks himself into putting his hope in God! Can we do that? - 3 Phenomenal Reasons To Put Your Hope In God.

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Come Boldly To The Throne Of Grace

Have you ever seen a race car zip in and out of a pit stop? There's no shame for needing help. A good racer knows that pit stops are part of the race. The scripture tells us that we're also in a race and that we need to "Look Unto Jesus" throughout our race. How do we do that? - Come Boldly To The Throne of Grace.

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