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Doing The Next Right Thing

June 2, 2024|

There was an occasion in Jesus ministry where the religious leaders tried to trap Him regarding a case where a woman was caught in the act of adultery. He was given the choice of stoning her according to the law or not stoning her and disregarding the law. Have you ever been in a situation where it seems all your choices are wrong? - Doing The Next Right Thing.

Peter’s Greatest Hits (And Misses)

May 5, 2024|

One day, while the disciples were out in the boat, they saw Jesus walking on the water. Just to be sure, Peter asked Jesus to tell him to come out on the water too. Jesus said, "Come." With amazing faith and obedience, Peter climbs over the side of the boat and actually walks on the water. However, after he felt the wind and saw the waves, he began to sink. Jesus then grabbed him and asked why he doubted. We've all been there where we've started out in faith, and genuinely experienced something supernatural, but are then are distracted by something natural that causes us to let go of our faith. We can learn a lot from Peter about what it means to live for God - Peter's Greatest Hits (And Misses).

Finding Your Hope In God

March 10, 2024|

There's a place in scripture where the Psalmist (Psalm 42:5-6) spoke to his own soul and demanded that he put his hope in God! If you don't talk to your soul, "other things" will. We can try to find hope in those "other things" that are not God. They can even provide a temporary distraction from our trouble but are actually a false hope. God's hope is the real thing! - Finding Your Hope In God.

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