There is a lot of misunderstanding about temptation. We might even feel condemnation because we are tempted. But we can look at Jesus' example of enduring temptation without sinning, and how He now aids us - Temptation.

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How To Avoid Spiritual Burnout

God will never burn you out. The enemy will try to draw us away from the rest of the Lord, but there are steps we can take to stay in that place of rest - How To Avoid Spiritual Burnout.

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Fantastic Finishes

It’s Friday night, game time, our moment to be on the field and living all out for God. Let’s take a moment to gain inspiration from some others as our examples in Hebrews 11 - Fantastic Finishes.

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Getting Control Of Your Emotions

After you are born again and you have the Holy Spirit living inside, you discover that there are still some problems with your mind, your soul. The Word of God has the ability to save, preserve, stabilize and protect your soul - Getting Control Of Your Emotions.

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Joseph The Dreamer

God put dreams in Joseph’s heart, and Joseph knew how to live those dreams out in his life. God also puts dreams in our hearts to fulfill with His vision, power and grace - Joseph The Dreamer.

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The Shield Of Faith

As we grow in God, spiritual things go beyond concepts and become real life realities. One of these is the weapons of our warfare - The Shield Of Faith.

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Wrestling Moves

Knowing who we are in Christ doesn’t stop the wrestling match, but it does give us some serious moves to win as we live out our theology in real life - Wrestling Moves.

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The Joy That Is Set Before You

There is a joy of something that is absolutely sure. Jesus endured for the joy that was set before Him and it gave Him tremendous, enduring strength - The Joy That Is Set Before You.

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Maybe we're asking "Why hasn't it happened yet; why isn't it working?". Know that you are right on track - Patience.

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