Doing Things God’s Way

Even though we believe in Jesus, not every thought we have lines up perfectly with the Word of God. We need to approach life with humility and let our minds be renewed with God's thoughts - Doing Things God's Way.

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There is a lot of misunderstanding about temptation. We might even feel condemnation because we are tempted. But we can look at Jesus' example of enduring temptation without sinning, and how He now aids us - Temptation.

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Change We Can Believe In

When we read the New Testament, we see that Christianity is an experience that moves & changes us toward growing in God as He desires. We have to be willing to allow God to move us - Change We Can Believe In.

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How To Be Who You Are

Any sense of salvation that believers have is not of ourselves but is through grace from God. Then we become His workmanship with Him changing us on the inside - How To Be Who You Are.

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The knowledge of God doesn't come from our dazzling intellect. It comes through humility of heart and the revelation by the Holy Spirit - Revelations.

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Changed As We Behold

As believers in Jesus, we can't be any more forgiven than we already are. And then as we on purpose behold Him we can be changed more into His image - Changed As We Behold.

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Breaking Thought Patterns

A pattern is a design that repeats itself over & over. A thought pattern can be as addictive as a physical behavior. But we can get free in our thought life - Breaking Thought Patterns.

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The Power Of Repentance

There is a corrective element that happens in our lives as Christians. It is a Godly sorrow that leads to repentance and produces a clearing, a joy and a fellowship with God - The Power Of Repentance.

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Getting Control Of Your Emotions

After you are born again and you have the Holy Spirit living inside, you discover that there are still some problems with your mind, your soul. The Word of God has the ability to save, preserve, stabilize and protect your soul - Getting Control Of Your Emotions.

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The Victory Of Jesus Christ

We've probably all heard that we have the victory through Jesus. What does that really mean? Let's look at how He lived His life on the earth - The Victory Of Jesus Christ.

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The Odd Couple

We are spirit beings living in physical bodies, which creates a conflict within us. But we can find freedom when we set our minds on the things of the Spirit - The Odd Couple.

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