Moving From Anxiety To Peace

We see a pattern in Scripture, where we move from one place to another. It happens when we cooperate with God in the process of life. This isn’t about getting the problems of life fixed, but about responding in faith to His beckoning and arriving at a place where we have ears to hear Him - Moving From Anxiety To Peace.

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Walking With Jesus

Jesus died on the cross for the forgiveness of our sin. That forgiveness of sin has a purpose: to restore our fellowship with God - Walking With Jesus.

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How To Avoid Spiritual Burnout

God will never burn you out. The enemy will try to draw us away from the rest of the Lord, but there are steps we can take to stay in that place of rest - How To Avoid Spiritual Burnout.

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Give Peace A Chance

There is nothing we can do to earn the redemptive provision of peace from Jesus. We get that peace by grace through faith, and it is available now for all areas of life - Give Peace A Chance.

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Getting Control Of Your Emotions

After you are born again and you have the Holy Spirit living inside, you discover that there are still some problems with your mind, your soul. The Word of God has the ability to save, preserve, stabilize and protect your soul - Getting Control Of Your Emotions.

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Pastoral Proverbs

There is a preserving effect that the Word of God has, giving us proactive things we can do to spare us from trouble down the road - Pastoral Proverbs.

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