Raised With Christ

When we look at the resurrection of Jesus, we can also see in scripture how we are raised together with Him to a new life in Him - Raised With Christ.

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How To Be Who You Are

Any sense of salvation that believers have is not of ourselves but is through grace from God. Then we become His workmanship with Him changing us on the inside - How To Be Who You Are.

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I Believe In Aliens

Jesus was not from this world. He also says that His disciples are not of this world either. What does Jesus mean by that? Let's take a look at this extraterrestrial life - I Believe In Aliens.

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Bungee Cords, Finger Traps & You

When you received Christ, you became a child of God. Then you can begin to find out who you are in Him and that your relationship with Him is very personal, while never losing the aspect of drawing near to Him - Bungee Cords, Finger Traps & You.

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Your Citizenship In Heaven

Believers in Jesus are card-carrying members of heaven. It isn’t just a citizenship we’ll experience when we die, it is a citizenship that we already have right now - Your Citizenship In Heaven.

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The Blood Of Christ Speaks

Our faith walk with God is based on something very tangible. The actual, physical blood of Jesus Christ. We'll look at how this is relevant to our lives - The Blood Of Christ Speaks.

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