The Holy Spirit Of Christmas

In this Christmas season, let's take a look at the dual work of the Holy Spirit. This is His work both in Christmas, and in us as God ministering Christmas to the world through us - The Holy Spirit Of Christmas.

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Mary & Joseph & Messy Faith

Taking a closer look at the story of Mary & Joseph, we see a normal, average couple with a messy backstory even when in the perfect will of God - Mary & Joseph & Messy Faith.

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The Weapons Of Our Warfare

There is a war going on that we can't see with our eyes, but is pointed out in Scripture. What happens when we engage by resisting? - The Weapons Of Our Warfare.

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The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit

Ignorance can be one of the things that causes us to come to a wrong conclusion about spiritual gifts. Let's take a middle-of-the-road look at 1 Corinthians 12 - The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit.

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God’s Timing

As we're doing our best to navigate through life's decisions, we can avoid the cliché battles and proactively follow God's clear instructions - God's Timing.

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The Spirit Empowered Life

Doctrine is something we can learn over time. But meanwhile we already have a spirit of power, love and a sound mind that works with a humble heart - The Spirit Empowered Life.

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Friendship Of The Holy Spirit

You can look forward to that day in heaven when you can see Jesus face to face. But you are in the presence of the Holy Spirit right now because He is in you, He is with you right now, forever - Friendship Of The Holy Spirit.

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You Belong To God

What Christ did for us is connect us to God. Now we belong to Him. Satan tries to isolate us from that relationship. Let’s respond to the Holy Spirit’s effort on our behalf - You Belong To God.

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Waiting On The Witness

We're not down here to run the math on our own and hope to make the right choices. We can hear from the Holy Spirit inside of us - Waiting On The Witness.

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Power In Your Corner

It is God’s will for us as Christians to live an empowered life with the Holy Spirit living inside of us. His power is what makes our theology work in real life - Power In Your Corner.

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The Great Escape

There is going to be a prisoner of war in the battle of your mind. Either you will be captive to your thoughts, or you will bring your thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ. The defining line between those two outcomes is temptation, and God makes a way of escape for you - The Great Escape.

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God’s Interruptions

Something happened to Paul on the way to Damascus, and to Zacchaeus in the tree. The drawing and invitation of the Holy Spirit extends to us today - God’s Interruptions.

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