The Quality Of God’s Love

We put our faith in God to the degree of revelation we have of His love for us. Let's look at the quality of the love that God has given to us and see how that impacts our lives - The Quality Of God's Love.

2017-04-20T19:20:24-05:00February 19, 2017|Messages Audio|

Healing From Rejection

Jesus experienced something that we all experience in life, in all the points that we also face. It can cause a broken heart and even directly affect our relationship with God - Healing From Rejection.

2017-04-20T19:39:46-05:00October 23, 2016|Messages Audio|

The Throne Of Grace

We don't start out full grown in spiritual things. It takes a walking out in fellowship with God through faith to move from theology to real life - The Throne Of Grace.

2017-04-20T19:42:21-05:00September 25, 2016|Messages Audio|

You Belong To God

What Christ did for us is connect us to God. Now we belong to Him. Satan tries to isolate us from that relationship. Let’s respond to the Holy Spirit’s effort on our behalf - You Belong To God.

2017-04-20T20:23:16-05:00January 10, 2016|Messages Audio|

Bungee Cords, Finger Traps & You

When you received Christ, you became a child of God. Then you can begin to find out who you are in Him and that your relationship with Him is very personal, while never losing the aspect of drawing near to Him - Bungee Cords, Finger Traps & You.

2017-04-20T21:10:25-05:00August 16, 2015|Messages Audio|
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