The Jonah Test

We might be excited to hear God's voice & direction. But what if God says to love & pray for those who are mean & hurtful to us? Like Jonah, we are given a choice in deciding how to respond to God - The Jonah Test.

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The Throne Of Grace

We don't start out full grown in spiritual things. It takes a walking out in fellowship with God through faith to move from theology to real life - The Throne Of Grace.

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Fantastic Finishes

It’s Friday night, game time, our moment to be on the field and living all out for God. Let’s take a moment to gain inspiration from some others as our examples in Hebrews 11 - Fantastic Finishes.

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The Great Escape

There is going to be a prisoner of war in the battle of your mind. Either you will be captive to your thoughts, or you will bring your thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ. The defining line between those two outcomes is temptation, and God makes a way of escape for you - The Great Escape.

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Our Great High Priest

As believers it’s important to understand that Jesus has the role of Great High Priest who has absolutely experienced the human condition for us. - Our Great High Priest.

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