You Are Called Of God

When we begin to walk with God, we realize that not only does He love & forgive us but there is also a call that He put on our lives before time began - You Are Called Of God.

2017-04-20T19:18:57-05:00February 26, 2017|Messages Audio|

God’s Timing

As we're doing our best to navigate through life's decisions, we can avoid the cliché battles and proactively follow God's clear instructions - God's Timing.

2017-04-20T19:59:53-05:00May 29, 2016|Messages Audio|

Palm Sunday

The amazing story of Jesus foreseeing events leading up to his crucifixion, including the supernatural provision of God - Palm Sunday.

2017-04-20T21:22:18-05:00March 29, 2015|Messages Audio|
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