You Are Called Of God

When we begin to walk with God, we realize that not only does He love & forgive us but there is also a call that He put on our lives before time began - You Are Called Of God.

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Mary & Joseph & Messy Faith

Taking a closer look at the story of Mary & Joseph, we see a normal, average couple with a messy backstory even when in the perfect will of God - Mary & Joseph & Messy Faith.

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God’s Timing

As we're doing our best to navigate through life's decisions, we can avoid the cliché battles and proactively follow God's clear instructions - God's Timing.

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Waiting On The Witness

We're not down here to run the math on our own and hope to make the right choices. We can hear from the Holy Spirit inside of us - Waiting On The Witness.

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God’s Interruptions

Something happened to Paul on the way to Damascus, and to Zacchaeus in the tree. The drawing and invitation of the Holy Spirit extends to us today - God’s Interruptions.

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The Fellowship Of Jesus Sufferings

There are things that Jesus suffered and there are things that He never, ever suffered. We can define from the Word what those things are or aren’t as we walk with Him - The Fellowship Of Jesus Sufferings.

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Palm Sunday

The amazing story of Jesus foreseeing events leading up to his crucifixion, including the supernatural provision of God - Palm Sunday.

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