Keeping The “Switch of Faith” Turned On

God made a promise to Abraham that He would make him a great nation and that all the families of the earth would be blessed. So, 25 years later, the promise was fulfilled in Isaac! The scripture uses this story as an example, to remind us that it's through faith & patience that we inherit God's promises. - Keeping The "Switch of Faith" Turned On.

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Gratitude 101

There's a biblical account of Jesus healing a group of 10 men of leprosy (Luke 17:11-19). The amazing thing about it was that only 1 of the 10 came back to say, "Thank You!" You would think that showing a little gratitude for being healed from a life threatening disease would be pretty basic. Sometimes we need to get back to the basics. - Gratitude 101.

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Wise Men Still Seek Him

Each Christmas we reflect on a very special story surrounding the birth of our Lord Jesus (Matthew 2:1-12). It's the account of the "wise men" who diligently followed a star with the expectation that they were going to find the newborn King of the Jews. They persevered until they found Him. When they did, they rejoiced, offered gifts, and worshipped Him! - Wise Men Still Seek Him.

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