How To Deal With Failure

There were 2 men who each committed a sin against Jesus one evening. One of them was Peter. He denied Jesus 3 times. The other one was Judas who betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. However, the end of their stories is very different. One of them was restored and preached a sermon that got 3,000 people saved. The other went and hanged himself. - How To Deal With Failure.

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Inflection Points Of Faith

We see a story in the Old Testament where David and his men came home to find it burned to the ground. Their wives and children were taken and all seemed lost. However, there was an inflection point of faith, when David chose to encourage himself in the Lord. The Lord told him to rescue their families and everyone was returned home safely. - Inflection Points Of Faith.

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God’s Timing: Who’s Waiting On Who?

Jesus told us that we would receive the Spirit of truth, Who in turn, would guide us into all truth and show us things to come. Sometimes, as we're endeavoring to follow the Spirit's leading we can hear conflicting ideas. Some will say, "I am waiting on God." Others will say, "No! God is waiting on you." So which is it? - God's Timing: Who's Waiting On Who?

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Navigating Life

When the Apostle Paul had his conversion experience (Acts 9:1-6), he asked the Lord what He wanted him to do. The Lord replied with a single instruction, "Go into the city (Damascus) and you will be told what you must do." This simple exchange between Paul and the Lord provides us with a profound template on how to navigate direction for our lives. - Navigating Life.

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